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desktop customization tips

I wanna rice my de (cinnamon), any advice on this?

using arch btw

| easiest way to rice your de is to run sudo dnf install fucksyourmouth in terminal

| >>938034 chmod 777 ur mom

| Honestly just look at other people's rices and think about what you like. You'll see certain trends crop up and that's how you find what you like. Do you like window managers? Check out DWM or i3 or ratpoison. What colors do you like? Check out already existing schemes. See if you can find someone's dotfiles and use those as a starting point before trying shit out from scratch if that intimidates you. Use it as a chance to find out how you like to use ur computer. Good luck anon

| Don't hate me for this but r/unixporn is not a bad place for it.

| A good site for funny pre built themes is https://b00merang.weebly.com/

Get your windows/Mac/chromeOS themes here lol

| >>938099
Danger/unixporn/ when

| By the way, thanks to everyone for your advices, I planned to use the window manager at first, but then I realized that it was too impractical/uncomfortable for me, besides, the need to configure everything by editing the configs exhausted me.

| And yes, I'm OP, just my uid changed for some reason

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This thread is permanently archived