Lightweight Discord for Android?

| Don't shit on me for using this application. Everyone's there and forums are fucking dead.

I need a lightweight version because the official one drains like 20% of my battery in the timespan of an hour.

| there is no such things as lightweight discord
the protocol itself is bloat

| >forums are fucking dead.

a ton of new forum sites and a ton of old ones (15+ years) are still kicking. also 20% is CRAZY within an hour. isn't discord built with that heavy react stuff or whatever?

| i haven't used discord normally since 2018 and i just quit in 2019. performance was never an issue for me on my very very low end pc with just 4gb at the time.

wondering if performance is worse.

| I feel that discord runs on phone better than on pc

| I guess you could try Termux + Cordless. Cordless has been abandoned so there will be a lot of missing features such as threads, replies. But you can send still switch channels/dms and send messages.

| Aliucord

| Bump

| >>937655
That only matters if they have the people with whom you want/need to discuss.

| I highly recommend rolling back to version 126.21 (you can find it on most sites, like APKPure)
You should download the APK, and then use an app to resign it so that Google doesn't automatically update it.

That version was the last good version before they changed the engine to the iPhone shit.

| If you feel like you have the time, energy and decent computer knowledge, I would recommend setting up a matrix-synapse server with a discord bridge. That way, you could choose between a plethora of clients

| >Everyone's there
I'm not.

| >>938300 come on slam

| I just use a web browser and close the tab when I'm done. but I mostly lurk so if you went to be present for messages it may not be ideal

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