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Assortments of coding

| Looking for assortments of gamedev solutions on wtiting codes from controls to AI tosaves maybe, any tips?

I know how they work i guess but i m not confident on the plan and execution seems like existing models or docs will help

| Rentry org looksgood now because Ko fi dont have enough blesing to draw without reference

| Your god doesnt look that patient by blocking me, ko fi.

| God needs no patience when it comes to blocking you to your water source. Not murdering is not enough. You need to paint doors red lol

| Where do u come from

From software.

| "Wealth will destroy your famil-"

| Whooooo.

| They are dead without money, they say.
They cant even do 3d without MONEY

| Even when we have TABLES AND INTERNET!

| Too late because theyre old to master all those.

| So they say.

| Like i am still 5 year old.

| One of the possible future i have... is being rolled into all sort of schools, with no jobs visible. Just immortally a student.

Like the fucking twilight.

And they can still say "cuz you dont work hard enough" "cuz you like writing vampires" even though i dont watch twilight.

Fucking nutjobs asian.

| Asian and arabs are a bad mix of idiot

Thats why hollywood is not filled with these prophecy fulfilling psychos of their own benefit.

| No important enough of opinion to click to.

| Assortments of useless fuckers barely able to save themselves.


| I forgot carrying things are done by two person down there

| Guess i shouldnt feel too..dejected.

| Guess i lose my mind by wanting more of myself.. one spectrum for another.

| God is fair. And this land is meant to burn.

| Isnt it easy for being saints to just blame you for whatever dvine shits when you fail to take any hints thats not even seen by anyone?

Ko fi loves being god too i guess.

Even adam and eve gets cheated without the need to fall to sins huh

Bunch of faggots eating each other is actually divine entertainment. And nobody dares to challenge me being the moron untrainING lazy artist they are.

| Thats why religion is popular. Easy yo die and easy to blend in. Like all the imams and pope says.

Dying too, is EAsy stuff.

| What a sad fucking bunch. Guess no joys follow even once you conquer moons and suns. EL O El

| Cant even rmb my jokes. Guess they opened your heads.

| Heaven cant run anywhere else but being my fucking slaves.

| How sad.

| Lwmme guess. The short girl will be frustattingly weak.. so will be prompted to rely on the bigger one. Heh. Typical.

| "I am merciful enough" then i guess i am gonna be 1% of that then.



| ...yep instintively drew the fat guy because it s funnier than the slim one from the... budokan anime?

| Golden globe was hilarious tho.

| Or was that oscar.

| At least i am not stuck on my sundays. Or maybe i am. Stuck on sundays.

Becsuse it s only infinite on sundays. After sunday... "not killing" is not enough.

| Ther3s only obedience with acid. Which will then be claimed by the other one too.

Being a cheap fag.

| Vampires on trucks. Geni fuckin yus

| Guess i got an amazing sleep. After all these years.

| Nocodings then sigh

| Maybe tread lightly because i am the satan. And your god is easily lit... being oils and all that burns.

| Guess i dont win that much either.

And the giving hand needs to be a strong one. Lest the coins fall thru the gaps.

| Kiss andr3! Kiss. Dont be a faggot.

| ??? Is this 50k-chan meeting AI-chan??

| Gaspgaspgaspgasp


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