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Is it worth to selfhost your own git server?


| GitHub let's you have private ones without paying now so I give it a ehh it's nice but also you have to do all the server maintaining so it evens out

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Have you read the EULA? Free cheese can only found in a mousetrap.

| >>936477 what in it are you referring to specifically I'll give thoughts if you point me too what your seeing, but if you usually put stuff under MIT or BSD I'm not sure what harm there could even be so it's always something you weight for yourself

| Learning how to self host and manage your own git server sounds fun! Just keep backups of your stuff, 'kay?

| This is crazy, I recently tried to figure out self hosting git. Fair warning I had no idea how it worked beforehand but I eventually was able to get it to work and now I can store all my papers for class remotely and access them from anywhere. I like it a lot but I don't have a gui for it yet and it seems a little complicated to get that

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how about the fact that they're owned by Microsoft as a reason to avoid them?

as for OP; yes, its worth it. that said, just use some existing git server implementation like gitea or if you like the smell of toast on a cheap server, install gitlab.

if you want to just run everything over your ssh keys and dont care about shit like issue trackers, point stagit to a servers git folder and go nuts.

| >>936629 id like to taste ur nuts

| >>936629 I mean okay but I thought you had something in the Eula, you could use gitlab like the public one I think they still do free private repos I just don't like their UI as much

Gitea is nice but maybe I'm just stupid but they'd release updates and my database would be missing shit and crash but the previous version wouldn't automatically create them so I had to try and read error logs and shit to fix it by hand which is why I gave up and moved to github

| i currently have a git server running with cgit and some backend (either gitolite or gitosis) and it works great, i'm not dependant on some corp for hosting my code. i had a gitea server in the past but arch kept fucking it up for some reason, you'll likely won't have that problem as i had a weird install. gitea was pretty easy to setup from what i remember but if you're going to set it up use forgejo instead, there was a thing with gitea becoming a for-profit so people forked it.

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This thread is permanently archived