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Best Password Manager?

| Hey g/u/rls. Finally going to get a password manager. Which one do you use? I'd like a free one, but if a paid one offers *that* much more security, I'm willing to go for it. Honestly, BitWarden is looking to be a really promising option. Open-source, limitless passwords and devices, free. I'm not really seeing any reason to go with anything else since I don't need any fancy features, and don't need organization-specific features.

| KeePass xc

| KeePass is foss (free open source software) it's a local encrypted database and there's lots of alternative clients like KeePass xc and there's a handful on mobile as well, and since it's just a file you can use what's sync software you want be that GDrive or whatever, it also has browser add-ons which is a good idea to use whichever software you pick

| Your brain. A sheet of paper.

| The password is the worst method of authentication, except for all the others.

| >keepassxc
Works well on any system. Passwords are just on a single file, so backup to mutiple media forms are super easy. If you cant decide on one pick this.

this if for the unix sharts. Being cli, it can be esily intergrated into script sims. not super portable, as youll need to tar up the store + backup your gpg key you used to generate it.

web interface & server for passwords. you can install an app on your phone/laptop and works well.

| >notepad
If sony can keep the password in a plain text file on the same HDD as the encrypted customer names and credit card numbers then so can you.

| kwallet

| Just make one yourself.

| Bitwarden, i use it myself.
If you don't like cloud sync and you want something what you will must manage yourself, you love bother by backups, and like weird softwares like linux what are used by average incel, than Keepass

| >>933040 I don't like online ones because they keep showing up in the news as being hacked like last pass was recently hence KeePass

Plus it sounds like keep ass hehehe

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