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Binary instead hexademical colors?

| things as CSS and so are using weird things like #00009F, #00009F, #0000EE, #000097 etc. why would you even want to use them? #001 is more than enough! do you want green? fine, here #010, Black? #000.. it's makes things simple and effective, why we would pay webdesigner for colors what no one see anyway? he should do real things like, i don't know.. centering div. It's even supporting all weird colors: 111, 011, 110, 101. human can see 3 real colors anyway. This system gives us 8!

| Also i have idea about lite versions of these systems using only 1 or 2 symbols!

#00 no color, #01 red, #10 green, #11 blue
and there is most lite version what i'm most proud!

#0 - no colors
#1 - all colors

feel free to use them how you want to, just please add me in credits ^^

-Kasumi "Princess Dusk"

| there is how can use real implemantation

<p style="color:#0";>There is no color, </p><p style="color:#01";>there is red,</p> <p style="color:#11";>there is blue,</p><p style="color:#10";>there is green. You don't need more colors anymore. also we saved 17 bits!</p> /*also we sadly lost a lot bits because of comment, and template text, but don't worry, we can just erase it! ^^*/

| whatabout instead making a new base4 processor or extension card. so that this color system can always use 1"bit", also just immagine all the cost savings a monitor that can only display 4 colors would have, everyone would want this brilliant device. reducing the colors to this efficent method could push us into kHz monitors and resolutions immitating real life. nothing could match the realistic immage such a display would produce.
all i want is 10% profits,

-Toby La Rone

| >>930853 i love this idea! ^^ but 10% profit? I mean, yes this color pallete is so perfect that we could literally ask people to pay monthly subscription for having option to use it.. You shouldn't have be like white color, what need steal 3 colors to being able to exists.. You should have be like black, just give and be happy from making this world better.. Why are you thinking that is /u/ black? It's for sure because is humble, and is not like Twitter or Facebook

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This thread is permanently archived