how to automate process of installing third party software on windows?

| i have bunch of computers to configure and i have my set of installers for each version of windows (xp, 7, 10)
the problem is that i HATE clicking through shit
ninite is out of the question as it lacks pirated software that i love to use :3
i'll be fine with at least some automation for 7, xp is the less priority for me
i know about integrating .exes into windows installer but i'd prefer some post install solution instead
maybe a batch file?

| Yeah i guess making a .bat can solve this problem.
Iirc something goes like start /wait (installer file) /s
Different installer packages may have different parameters to get the job done, so I guess you need to do some research?

| For example, for softwares that use installershield, the parameter for silent installation is -s. For softwares that use nullsoftZ's package it's /s
I haven't done much batch scripting for a long time so this may not be correct.

| How to make a batch script that opens up every .exe in a folder?

| >>930877 FOR /F %%A in ('dir /B %1%\*.exe') do %1%\%%A
Call as wom.bat full-path-to-directory

| Here's some docs for you to peruse if you have problems

| >>930885 >>930886 thank you~!

| what about winget

| >>930897 10 only

| Scoop or chocolaty might be up your alley

| >>931014 no

| >>057b95 why not

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