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Is this the state of online tutorials?

| https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/python-program-to-download-youtube-videos
How to write a shitty tutorial in 2022:
Step 1: Pick a tremendously easy language to teach
Step 2: Tell the user to install a library that will do 99.99% of the work for them
Step 3: Tell the user to write 11 lines of code
Step 4: Do not tell the user how the library nor the functions work except for their parameters

What a joke.
Read books if you want to be serious about learning.

| u so mad

| Generally if you want to learn your better if reading the docs or stack overflow idk who's going to YouTube

| Also fuck physical books I can't Ctrl f

| >>8cd129
Docs won't teach you how it all works and when or why to use something, only how to.
Stack Overflow is for bug fixing and general questions
Use the index.

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This thread is permanently archived