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which distro is best for an old comp


| Windows Vista
Windows XP
MS-DOS 6.22

| Q4OS, Bunsenlabs, AntiX

| >>929690 wrong free dos

| I would pick anything that's running a very lightweight de

| You can turn off background services and such on any distro so if you like Ubuntu maybe try Ubuntu mate or you could give arch a try if you have free time

| >>929808 >lightweight DE
>>929810 >ubuntu mate
>old comp

| TempleOS

| i havent any experience with it, but ive heard openbsd is really light on resources

| >>929882 no drivers

| How old is the computer? What do you want to do with it?

| >>929920 its 5 years old
i want to *fucks your mouth*

| >>929922
5 years old isn't that old

| >>929923
also I've never used Linux

| >>929923 i'm not op btw
i'm just engaging in some competitive mouthfucking

| >>929835 mate was originally released in 2011 if pcs then could handle it so can yours

I felt like offering something besides lxde or xfce

| >>929922
You can pick pretty much any lightweight linux distro of choice if the afromented PC is only 5 years old. Picking Linux Lite or Lubuntu/LXLE are good choices for a first try if you want to make the migration process from Windows to Linux as smooth as possible.
Or if you want something truly lightweight you might be more interested in something like Porteus or Puppylinux. These distros are incredibly fast as they're small enough to run entirely from system RAM. 

| >>929922 Windows 11

| op here, machine is around 10 years old, currently running windows 7 but its slowing down

| 5 years old lmao, no need for lightweigt distribution at all, you will be using less than 2Go of ram on idle compared to the 4Go of win7-10.

10 years old is the same honestly if it's not a crappy laptop. My computer is 10 years old and I use Manjaro Kde which is considered heavy (idle ram is 1,5 Go).
What's your ram and cpu ?

| >>929994 format Windows 7. Nothing else.

| ram is 2gb and cpu is core i3 CPU M330

| >>930063 Windows 7 all the way. Replace the HDD if needed.

| well 2gb is low, thou it's cheap to upgrade the ram. Lubuntu is known to be a good distro for low ram, a friend of mine used it on a 1gb laptop.

But yes the hdd is also important, even if Linux is less hungry than Windows for disk I/O, if you're hdd is slow, the OS will be slow. Sata ssd are so cheap these days, and it's night and day.

| When it comes to desktop environments remember that KDE tend to be more resource-heavy than the alternatives.

| thanks for all the advice, gonna try it

| >>930339 *fucks your mouth*

| >>930342 *fucks your mouth while you're fucking their mouth*

| >>930339 >>930342 >>930355 thanks, I'll use Windows 7

| slackware

| linux from scratch ;-P

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