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i have become based, destroyer of corps

| arch linux with dwm, loving living in the terminal, it's super fun learning so much about my 'puter <3

| >dwm

| suck my nuuuts

| i'm enjoying it and that's all that matters

| >>1b8f85
dont give the trolls any attention lol

| sir yes sir!

| OP is cute peepo incarnate

| how are you enjoying dwm? i use awesome because im too lazy for c

| kde plasma enjoyer here

| >>ec3e25 ;3c

>>121691 i'm loving dwm! it was pretty easy to make my custom keybinds, but i will admit patching it was confusing at first

>>b17d7f oh nice! kde plasma looks pretty, but i think i prefer gnome's look

| what about the more popular i3 ?

Or sway for wayland support ?

| >>930009 little fat baby poster

| >>930009
i3 is great simply because of how well-written the source code is but at the end of the day I'd stick with dwm

| what's your reason for using tiling window managers?

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This thread is permanently archived