create a gopher site

| if you don't know, gopher is an internet protocol from the 90s. its extremely lightweight and can do a lot of things + its plaintext. go create one now.

(you can do so at sdf.org or start your own server)

| i aint got no content to put on it

| It wouldn't be as easy as it seems. Dangeru is written in Ruby I think.

| I will not, modern browsers don't support it natively so you need an addon or a proxy, the proxy in aware of fucked up theming and you can't expect users to install an addon for your webzone

| Also check out the gemini project. Like gopher, but with SSL and images. Still less clusterfuck than the JS world

| >>928557 gemini doesn't have inline images, they are just treated like any other non-gemtext file, just like gopher would treat any other file.

| >>928200 I believe that Dangeru is written in --[----->+<]>----.[--->+<]>----.+++[->+++<]>++.++++++++.+++++.--------.-[--->+<]>--.+[->+++<]>+.++++++++.

| >>928642 no one's usually brainfuck seriously

| Psa: you can write websites without JavaScript you don't need to use outdated standards that no one supports, my own site has no js it's all static html generated from markdown and some html snipits, markdown is easy af to use generate that into HTML using whatever I use pandoc iirc and add your HTML snip it header and footer and you've got yourself a webpage, do that on a folder and you've got lots of pages you can then add navigation links to the header files

| >>928642 Ruby is worse.

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