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How to get pass 4chan vpn block

| If possible please also tell me how to use tor and access 4chan too

| Make your own VPN
Last I checked they only block known vpn addresses so a dedicated vpn hosted by some random chump won't be in their vpn banlist

| Stop wasting time on 4cuck

| ^^^

| >>927960
Tell me where to get memes outside of Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, 9gag and other uselessly retarded social media platforms?

| >>928214
Start caring about other shit, faggot.

| >>928214 you want a social media that isn't retarded? are you delusional?

| >>928250
Thanks, you have a opened my eyes. Just like masturbation addiction, I have to get rid of this meme addiction because nobody can have a coping mechanism in this shit hole we call life.

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This thread is permanently archived