Pine64 Products

| Pine64 products seem really cool for facilitating easy to program hardware so devs can focus on developing foss software, finally giving more options to people so we don't have to be forced to choose proprietary software because the hardware is locked to changes by vendors, the only downside to their stuff is that current software development for their devices is slow as molasses, we should spread more word to their products so more devs join in

| After finishing a hobby project I'm planning on trying to make a pineNote specific DE

| Have any of you G/u/ys tinkered with a pine64 device?

| Iv’e been waiting for something like the Pinephone for what seems like forever but never bothered with it due to its short battery life. I'm looking for a complete replacemeny of my current phone so battery life is important.

I might pick up the smaller pinebook to tinker with in the meantime since I like netbooks and they’re only like 90€.

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gurl you're the only one posting

| This is outside my sphere of interest, sadly. I appreciate the idea, but can't contribute.

| >>897540 get the pinebook pro if you actually want to use the thing and not just mess around compiling kernels and getting the wifi driver working.

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None of those are especially hard to do so I'm good. I wouldn't be a very effective developer if I shied away from interacting with its hardware now would I? lol.

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