Teach is dead again...


| I use Arch btw

| popcorn

| +++

| >Implying anyone in danger/u/ isnt a bot and therefore not alive

| I have this pretty cool calculator. It can and and subtract and divide and multiply

| Just nake a thread shitting on either windows or linux, you'll get replies

| >>897420
>I use apple products and think of myself as being vastly superior to others because I am very wealthy

| >>897439 80% of those who use apple usually are broke lol. they just want to appear wealthy

| >>897455 At least they appear wealthy and not like a sad soy g/u/rl bitching online

| >>897483 *fucks your mouth*

| Tech is the board that is always the edge of dead and almost dead

| >>897310 >it can and

| I think if you can afford it and like photography, then sure go buy the latest Iphone. The "fuck money, give me the best" tier always exist in all products. But if you have to find a sugar daddy/mommy or be in debt for it, then you are retarded.

| >>897092
what i got from this is you have a teacher with a auto-defib cybernetic implant and you're upset that it sometimes malfunctions mid lecture

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