Will ai replace artists?

| Do you guys think ai will be able to fully replace digital artists in the near future? The advances we've seen in the last couple of years have been so drastic, even some ai art has won against actual artists and is becoming even better than actual people. What will artists do now?

| No.

| No.

| I like this guy's take on it.

| yes

| I tried Ai dungeon, Novel Ai before, It was was very sophisticated

| You still have hand-made things over that machine can make them better

| Yeah but there will be at least a massive hit to the cheap digital art economy. Especially the more small gig part jobs or a lot of stock imaging can be replaced by AI. Art won't ever be completely replaced by AI, but more than half of digital artists will be though. Instead of paying small amounts of money for something more gig-type art you can just get art for free from an AI now.

| If we are speaking of portrait photo or random scenery, then sure you can argue that AI can create similar picture with 60%-70% the quality of an average artist while doing it significantly faster.

But if we are speaking of making a comic/manga, or arts with actual characters in different poses, clothes, then no way. I haven't even seen AI generated pics that can convey movement, I don't think they incorporate something simple like speedline, let alone detailed facial expressions.

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Nice video, thanks for sharing.

| AI will probably just be a new tool or people will start somethign new.. Like when photography came out.
AI can replicate but not creating something completely new, not yet at least. It just remixes what it knows.

| Even then, the vast majority of the art AI makes is jank as hell or the equivalent of an infant taking a fat shit on a piece of tissue paper. The stuff you see people post is just the "good" or "passable" ones, according to human aesthetics.

Which is the other big deal... art and its enjoyment is subjective. Let's say an AI is fed thousands of isekai novels and is expected to write its on isekai novel. Does it manage it? Great!

Is it any *good* or is it the same (or worse) as any other cheap isekai fantasy world rip off? Probably, since you can't program a machine to make something "good." It would need to be able to form opinions for that.

| Personally, I can't wait until AI replaces women

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This is the best answer.


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Dorothy would be mine. I actually work as a negotiator IRL.

| >>896389 as long as I have at least 1 lilim, it's fine by me.
Kira Miki has some good milkers after all

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