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data hoarding

| Do you folks like archiving and browsing data? What do you use and how you use it?

| >>895528 what kind of data specifically?

| >>895580
To each their own. I like amvs, anong other things, so I look up sites with them, subscribe to artists, download them and keep notes of anime used, authors and whatnot. It's a small side project, but it helps me relax.

Every hoarder gurl does it at their own pace.

| I've never really hoarded but in high school I liked to make charts and graphs of everything. I have processed a lot of irc/discord data because of that.
The only similar thing I do now is messing around with neural net art generators.

Do you make any of your categorization available to other people OP?

| I do out of habit, yes. Hell, I even managed to save over 400 gb of content off of Tumblr before the big purge. They're sitting in external hard drives, untouched.

| >>895655
oh, anything noteworthy?

| Mostly just movies and music, and a few random archived websites and documents here and there.

| tfw
>6TB of fart porn
>10TB of regular porn
>10TB of hentai
>16TB of vidya
>10TB of anime
>10TB of TV
>10TB of movies/documentaries
>8TB of internet history, videos, flash, website archives, etc

Then I have about 12TB of more content that is unorganized that needs to be backed up.

| I hoard porn and manually sort it once a year if i feel like it, does that count?

| >>895659

I mean, its 400gb of *porn*, lol.

So... its notability is entirely up to your tastes. I was super into noncon type material and tentacle/alien/monster hentai, and the archive reflects that.

| Well, I hoard photographs since I want to start photography as a hobby. I save whatever I find inspiring, mostly animals and landscapes, since it might help me down the line. Whenever I buy a new computer and additional hard drives, I will build my virtual library of arts as well. Books, albums, movies, etc. This is mostly due to my OCD and desire to collect things.

| >>895632
atm I'm not sharing it, I'd have to set up a website for it. But it is an eventual goal.

I imagine there are always things worth preserving for their uniqueness, and I also keep some porn, but you're right. All up to one's taste.

It sure does, any data hoard is a data hoard.

That's very nice. OCD is a huge factor that drives me too. Remember to make a backup of your things! Are you into vintage photography too, or just modern?

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I thought about it some more and remembered I had an original copy of Chris Dorner's manifesto buried somewhere, the one taken directly off of his facebook account before it had a bunch of acronyms redacted on major news sites. I've never even heard of most of said acronyms, but I think they referred to either internal LAPD departments or federal government intelligence divisions.

| I used to run an FTP site with some friends where we hoarded scenereleases and stuff but eventually we stopped caring about it so we took it down. I realized that we literally never watched or played anything we had on the site. It was just a giant backup of stuff we mostly didn't care about.

| >>896340
I had an XBOXHEUG collection of gothbabe jpegs that I started as a pre-teen in the fucking 90s. I scoured the net for cute and athmospheric pics and eventually learned how to spider them semi-automatically. I also added a few photos of my own that I snapped of friends and girlfriends. Sadly I never kept a backup and lost everything when my HDD crashed. It was a 20gb IBM Deskstar.

| I once tried to rewatch old shity shounen anime that no one care about, but find no one hosting the full version of it, unless I torrent a non-english hard-subbed version.

So yeah, I learnt my lesson and download anime that I care about/might rewatch in the future. Same goes with porn and game, steam helps with lessening the burden for games, though.

Oh, also I have shitty internet, so these hoarded data will be useful when my internet went potato.

| I have the extracted files of just about every game I enjoy. Some for memes/fanart, others just for the novelty of it. It's an almost intimate feeling.

| I try to collect as much math book pdfs as possible, and my worst offender is old soviet comblock books translated to english like in what you find in mirbooks.com or whatever their domain is

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