Have the admins considered starting a hidden service on tor, i2p, etc?

| some of us don't like isps knowing about all the sites we access

| Probably not given that I think they had to block tor for a while because of shitters

| >>894934 you still can use proxy, vpn located in china or something.. If you care about privacy, Tor really isn't perfect, it is just easy to use. Also options are public pcs, unknown devices in organisations or public wi-fi and so.. 1 use-sim with subscribet internet or anything really.. just being careful, sim can be trackable by triangulation so always use it on place far from home, and ideally destroy it without dna on it. also botnet can be option.

| https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/04/tor-attacks-nsa-users-online-anonymity


so if you use Tor, basically you are automatically suspicious.. and if you doesn't do anything ilegal on danger/u/, ISP really doesn't care about you..

| >>894934 what all are you doing for your privacy? But if you use services as Google or FB, they already know you.. Online privacy is almost impossible. You can minimalize collected data, but you can never get them on 0. It is like crime, you can murder someone, hide proofs and so.. But, where was your body at time of murder? If you doesn't know what you do, they will track you.

| fun fact, big data companies and organisations doesn't know itself what all data is managing. It is them so large that they must being filtered. And is difficult to operating them. Also they are decentralized, and provided by 3rd party.

| but if it will calm you, if you doesn't distribute ilegal porn, doesn't plan to commit terrorism or anything, mostly likely they will never catch you. So you can probably keep stealing money from seniors and telling them how you need money or Mandela will kill you.

| >uses tor for anything other than downloads

| Ever used a tor search engine? Some fucked up stuff on there, never dabbling with tor again but I can see the appeal privacy wise.

| >>895245

Links to tor search engines/hidden wikis/etc are banned from this website for that reason.

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