Does anyone here have a good OS that has the vaporwave feel to it.

| >>please because ive only heard of so many operating systems that look unique.

| Maybe Hannah Montana OS or Uwuntu

| >>893850 Amog-OS

| Windows 95 is the most vaporware OS you can get

| >>893898
Mac OS 8 is very vaporwave as well but not sure whether OP is asking for a modern OS or if an old one suffices. Windows 10 has a classic skin and it should be possible to personalise it like 95

| Windows XP with classic theme

| Modern OS-wise, any distro of Linux using XFCE for the desktop environment can install a theme pack called Chicago95. You can make it as retro as you like. I even got the classic maze screensaver running on mine and the startup noise

| >>893974 can you change color of chicago95?

| >>893981 I don't believe so, at least not easily, but honestly I've never tried. Wallpapers, icons, etc are all simple enough but the shell color you'd probably have to edit the themes files directly. It's on GitHub though.

| >>894104 this is a downgrade. Imo it'd be better to install Q4OS with XPQ4.
Lack of offline installers is also a downgrade however.

| Install the Common Desktop Environment

| >>894337 okay that look cool

| windwos me

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