How do you know what a decent laptop is?

| I don't. I've been out of touch with tech for a while now, and at best know how to pick out categories from logical increments. But they don't do laptops, and likely with really good reason.
I need a laptop for on-the-go graphics design and while I wouldn't like to get totally fucked on price, $1500 seems reasonable enough a price point. Where do I even start looking?

| NB. It should also be able to run Linux (I intend to run Windows in an isolated VM for security, then run my graphics software in that w/GPU passthrough). I have heard that some computers simply don't let you run Linux anymore in favor of Windows.

| It Doesn't exist. Use a phone.

| framework laptop has gotted a decent amount of tech media attention so it's the only one that comes to mind

| Framework good but battery life short

| If you want one for Linux you really need to look for that first as lots of oems don't properly support it

Also I've never heard of anyone doing gpu passthrough on a laptop so you may need to look into that to make sure it's got the iommu groups or whatever you need to do that

| >I have heard that some computers simply don't let you run Linux anymore in favor of Windows.
I think this is for computers which run Win11, so maybe buy something a year old.

| >>892771 i was finding one pricely more expensive laptop for someone, so idk how it is about 1500$ and less, but with performance/price should have be probably Acer still best. Sure i recommend gpu at least 16xx, probably with 1500$ you can already allow 20xx, but i'm not sure about it. Also i would recommend to look for DDR5 memories, if it's option. resolution Full-HD (most likely better) but it will probably have all of them. I would recommend to use CPU benchmarks 1/2

| there is a lot models, winning laptop for client had Intel (i don't remember model now) (with AMD they was pretty close, but Intel had better performance on than AMD equalent), is possible that AMD can be better, benchmarks are your friend. If you need bluetooth, DVD or so, sure add it in filters.. but also exists external mechanics and dongles.. I hope that i helped you.. OS is not really relevant, buy calmly model without it, you can always reinstall it.

| Hp dev one seems good for $1100

| >>893480
I wish I could buy it, but it's usa only.

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