What phone's are people buying in 2022?

| I've been using some cheap phone called the Coolpad Legacy Brisa and its been an awful past couple years and its no longer reliably charging. So I was wondering what you g/u/rls have been using and see if you have any recommendations for me.

| Still rocking Pixel 4a 5g

| LG flagships are the best price per value, price drop like they are nothing. But still very solid phone if you dont care about warranty.
Been using sony xperia 10 III, decent for media, excludes gaming. Its a long boy, that I dont get uses to.
I would get a asus zenfone 9. Saw review and it looks very interesting.

| Semens SXZCUM X700

| I had no idea what a coolpad was until I saw this, wow the software+storage is bad. As >>892656 said LG flagships are great, pretty much anything is a upgrade from your current phone though. The LG G7 to G8 and V40 to V60 are all solid options. Older S-Series Samsungs can be bought new off eBay for less than half of their original price, stuff like the S10 and S9 are pretty good, If you really want a brand new phone the A52s is unbeatable for the price.

| >>892656 How's the software on the Sony? I've heard its subpar compared to most other androids. Im also glad you bought up the Zenfone 9, it honestly seems to tick all the boxes; Sony cameras, Samsung screen, durable, amazing battery life, new processor, decent software. The only thing stopping me from getting one is the fact that its about €700 and you get no SD card slot. I

| Been riding my S10e and the Zenfone 9 is looking to be my next one

| Still using my Moto G4. 87% of oryginał battery capacity.

| I decided to get the G8 that >>e7808c recommended. Next time I get a phone it'll probably be a Sony phone since it looks like those phones still have SD card slots in the higher end models, but for now I don't have 1,000 freedom bux to spend on a phone so I'll be getting the LG. I also agree with>>e7808c that the Zenfone looks good but without an SD slot I'm not sure if I want it.

| Currently using an S8, though the battery is starting to expand and is detaching the back, so need to start looking for a replacement.

| Samsung Xcover Pro. A few years old but has a headphone jack, sd card slot and a removable battery which are things I refuse to give up. Remove the bloat and install a lightweight launcher like kiss and it runs perfectly fine.

| iphone for 8ball and literally nothing else, if android had it i'd probably switch

| What's up with new phones lacking headphone jack and card slot? I'm still using mine since 2018 so it's the first time I'm hearing about this. I mean, I don't care about headphone jacks as airpods are better for me with a cat but how will I upgrade the memory size now?

| >>bbfba5 SD card slots are being removed because A) They're too convenient, and they cant force people into buying a new phone/getting the overpiced model with 512gb of storage/buying their subscription based cloud storage and B) They're cutting manufacturing costs, they make cheaper+shittier motherboards that are all one board instead of one large board with mutliple small boards for other shit all just connected together. Same reason for why new phones dont have headphone jacks.

| >>893424 funnily enough budget phones like Moto E40 or E20 are good specs with dual sim, headphone jack, usb-c, sd card and even have easily replaceable battery due to how the phone has a plastic back instead of glued glass or metal and glue in general.
People may cry about the screen being 720p, but to me it doesn't matter because the aspect ratio is wide enough to fit in more probably than a 16:9 phone

| IMO if you care about phone screen resolution you're kidding yourself. 99% of the time the screen is too small to make a noticeable difference. Same reason why 4k TVs don't interest me much

| Currently on modded Pixel 4a, nothing but Pixel is worth it anymore imo, also has 3.5mm jack which is a must for me

| >>893424 while I agree that it is a shitty move by the manufacturer; from my experience using 4GB ram/ 32GB internal phone for 4 years, SD card doesn't really help much with storage problem.

I live in shit hole 3rd world country and everyone is using whatsapp. There is no way for whatsapp to store pics in SD card, unless you do it manually. And even if you do move the pics to SD, they won't appear anymore in the chatlog.

And then there're also apps that can't be stored in SD.

| Siemens S10D (couldn't find S10 Active) and HP iPAQs.

| >>63d03a Tbh Midrange Samsungs are also good in this regard, imo Motorola's software is shit.
>>809166 I dont use Whatsapp, so I cant relate, but a SD card still give you more storage so you can put all your other things on your phone onto it and have more room for whatsapp shit. For me, I have multiple 128gb SD cards that I use to store FLACs so I can listen to music, and I have another I switch out to store photos.

| >>893845 Had a Moto G3 for a while, back in the day Motorola software was great, not so much nowadays. Said G3 is actually still a daily driver for someone I know too, just with LineageOS for newer security patches

| >>893845 >>893887 Idk what is the deal against Motorola's software. They just ship the barebones Android.

| >>893980 that sounds like a future to me

| >>893986 same. I hate xiaomi

| I have a love hate relationship with Xiaomi devices. Old ones weren't quite there yet. Then, there was a short period of decent phones, and now it's becoming dogshit again.

| >>893612 honestly if you didn't install to much app it would be fine, i just lost my 2gb ram xiamoi and now i try to save up money to buy samsung or oppo with 4gb ram and decent storage, i also use WhatsApp but only for family and for friends and others i use discord, it may limit your upload files but it's great and it's stored in server and your account

| I've been a Motorola loyalist for the past like, 5 years, but I think I might try something else. Considering finally making that jump to Samsung. It's really tough for me since all the phone companies want to remove expandable storage slots from all their new phones and I really like having it.

| >>894499 aside from whatsapp and needing recent images received to be there, I also need ride hailing apps for work purposes.

I admit that I did have a game app installed and it's quite big. But aside of that game, youtube, and danger/u/ app; everything else is work related. No more space for twitch/discord/twitter apps.

| Last month, I've bought a new samsung phone and it's 8GB Ram/ 128GB internal. All my storage issues has been solved, but my initial point still stand: If you are struggling with phone storage, SD card doesn't help much because a lot of apps can't be installed in SD card.

| >>894720 That is true. Unless you're willing to mess around and root your device. I find SD cards unreliable overall as I've had few cases of them getting corrupted out of nowhere or just failing to mount. Does not feel safe with my data on 'em.

| >>894720 I use a microSD for music, and at least for that purpose most apps seem to handle it pretty well.

| lfip phones

| Upgraded from LG G4 to LG Velvet back in June. It's alright if you want a really big screen. Sd card 3.5mm jack and 5g support is also good. But consider another brand if you think you'll need warranty since LG is out of the smartphone market now. Also wish it had dual sim too.

| I haven't owned a phone since I had a Nokia back in the year of 2000.

| >>895730 Based as hell.

| >>895730 fake as fuck

| >>896154
No, I'm a man in his late 30s who has literally no use for a cell phone. I have landline if I absolutely need to make phone calls and have no social life outside of forums, imageboards, textboards, and IRC. I live as a smelly hermit NEET as well that never leaves the house so I guess you could consider me a hikki too. Maybe I'm not as smelly as you'd imagine. I did take a shower today and shaved my massive neckbeard that was itchy.

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