I'm pissed off by how ignorant Linux users are

| This is hospital for goodness sake! We need easy to use and reliable software to save lives instead of that purple matagama thing.

| behead those who insult linux

| >>892179 i like linux for utility lile writing zeros to HDD or copying partitions. As daily replacement for Windows? That's retarded

| next post by OP:
flash player should run all logistics, it's reliable all these programers with other languages are so ignorant.

| joke aside

what this sounds like is
you're dealing with a bad application,
unreliable software in important fields is something that despretly needs to be adressed
this is unrelated to linux though
sooner the fault of incometance

| i recommend you bitch about the software being crashy/unusable/... to whom ever can actually fix it for you

i wouldn't mention linux reliability as there's basicly zero chance you'll get anywhere with those uninformed claims, likely just pointlessly pissoff someone

| Linux seems to have gotten better over the last few years though it's not quite there yet. The desktop experience is still pretty much a downgrade.

| >>892177
>easy to use and reliable software
This is exactly what GNU/Linux is.
>to save lives
Software doesn't save lives. People save lives. If you refer to security and healthcare, I'd always prefer GNU/Linux systems over insecure, unstable, intransparent monopoly banana products from MS.
>instead of that purple matagama thing.
I don't know what you mean by that. What is a "purple matagama thing" and what does it have to do with GNU/Linux?

| >>892362 gentoo

| Sounds like another insecure windows user, move along everyone.

| Linux? I heard that name before, it's the program that incel hackers use to do bad stuff, right?

| >>892362
gentoo's symbol looks like a magatama

| >>892177 you are right, do you know how difficult and time wasting is to use pc mouse? Console is most easiest and best thing what you can have. I use arch btw

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