What's your operating system?

| I gave up on tinkering with W10 Pro and I just use LTSC these days. I hope they'll continue making LTSC on 11 too.

| My brain, body, and spirit.

| Windows 10. I've decided it's worth selling my soul to Microsoft if it means not having to tinker with Linux and also play games the normal way.

| Not Windows 10. I've decided i have a shred of dignity left and won't be babysitet by a false flag ad machine, even if that means i can't run some games.

| AmigaOS. I basically have to write anything that I want to use, which is deeply painful. However, it's better than the Windows vs Linux debate.

| Win 10 pro atm, debloated, although updates are steadily adding filth. it does get rid of a great deal of the bloat, tho.

| >>890693 isn't amigaos powerpc only? what hardware do you run it on?

| PomuOS

| I use my Windows 10 partition most of the time and Arch Linux for class. If Valorant ran on Linux, though, I'd have deleted the Windows partition long ago.

| Various flavors of Linux depending on which hardware I have in front of me and the gamer PC can dual boot into W10 Pro.

| Uwuntu

| Win 10 Pro 64, SteamOS soon

| >>890753 May or may have not installed it on a Wii U.

| Ubuntu server, Ubuntu desktop and win 10 dual booted

| NixOS with a Ghost Spector partition for Monster Hunter Frontier which can't work with Wine afaik. If anyone's found a way to make MHF work on Linux let me know how and I'll delete that partition right now.

| Manjaro, xfce.
It was the first £inux that just "felt right"

| >>890896 Did you use the WinUAE Amiga emulator that was ported to the wii?

| Windows Server 2003 R2 with Cyberia Pack 1

| Fedora. Switched from Linux Mint for more frequent updates. Really enjoying it so far. Running the xfce version

| Archfag reporting in.

| W11, I'm not downgrading to 10 because I don't want to reinstall everything and lose stuff, but apart from appearance it's not worth it. Performance is not good in some parts and they made a worse experience in others, like dragging a shortcut to the taskbar is missing now

| Windows XP x64

| >>892187 incredibly based

| I doubt any of you can honestly call the OSes mentioned by you "your OS". You only got a licence to run a copy of it - except you pirated it. But even in this case you have neither created it nor access to it's functionality.

| >>892357 I own ur mom

| >>892357 I'll have you know I use GNU/Linux or as I've taken to calling it, GNU + Linux.

| arch btw

| >>892357 i have the files so it's mine

| Win 10, Win 11
>>890892 same :P

| Void Linux as daily driver, Arch on some servers

| Manjaro KDE Wayland, unstable branch, with Linux kernel 6.0-rc4 experimental and mesa-git 22.3-dev.

I like danger

| Arch on all computers. Handmade DE setup. e

| I daily drive Void. It's the only zero-bullshit distro

| >>893755 never tried void. What makes it "zero bullshit"?

| >>893757 haxor features

| >>893757 Also daily driving Void, I've found it to be more stable than anything else while still having recent software, and no bullshit caused by systemd. Closest I've had to "it just works"

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