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Fuck cars

| I hate cars so much.

| The automobile and its consequences were a disaster for the human race.

| auto go brrrr

| Seethe and cope, the automobile will forever remain the best form of roadgoing individual transport

| >>c0558c
individual transport can suck my dick

| >>881097
what about cycling?

| >>6b68ce
bikes with multiple seats and pedals

| everybody get on the bike bus B)

| >>881135 What if we had such bikes but we also added something that would pedal for us?

| yOU wOuLdNT FUCK a CAr

| >>reddit.com

| >>881260 electric bikes, no?

| >>881286 /r/DragonsFuckingCars

| >>881517 ok, it's enough internet today..

| I love trains. All my homies love trains and hate cars

| >>881517 why this link doesn't works?

| Was a shit movie

| >>881510 A bike with multiple seats and a engine would be a really autistic tube chassis car built by some gypsies, the point is that fundamentally its the same concept.

| A lot of problems vanish with a good train system. Suicides go up but traffic accidents go way down.

Go team trains

| >>881737 I have good evidence that trains aren't even that good at killing people.
Go team trains.

| I love cars. Driving is fun. It's the US being car-centric that OP has a problem with, she just doesn't realize

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nah gal
im not even in the us and cars are a fucking pain everywhere

| >>5c6ef7 You think it's just the US that's scuffed?
Take a look at the kind of shitshow car-owning manchildren put up whenever the a UK local authority tries to introduce a low traffic neighborhood,
Or that it took the energy crisis of a century for the Germans to think of subsidizing public transport properly (and they're phasing that out next month).
Or the entirety of Tunisia. I'm Tunisian. It's a fucking mess.

| Imma add motorcycles here especially if ur in a country where the majority of ppl uses them for daily commute, they're fucking loud as fuck and most drivers are arrogant as shit.

Shitty road infrastructure and traffic laws not being abided doesn't help at all. Lots of drivers started driving years before they can legally have a license, and when they can get one, most just use insiders to pass the driving test. I've even seen elementary schoolers driving em here.

| >>882306 this g/u/rl is spitting facts

| >>881708 There are differences between a scooter and a 1 ton car, the differences being it's wear on infrastructure, fuel usage, danger to pedestrians, space needed for it to occupy, pretty much everything.

| >>882306 SEA is a nightmare for driving of any kind. They're the place that needs public transport the most, but when does the gubmint care about it's people :')

| I got robbed twice taking a bus so fuck public transit

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