Combining multiple FPGAs (softcore)

| Basically the idea would be to combine multiple softcore together and would act similar to MPPA.
I wonder if there's resources or schematics to currently learn from?

Even if one softcore doesn't run that fast,
you could combine them to have a small super computer at home which would be likely open hardware.

It is something I would like to do one day for fun with a lot patience and I was wondering if any of you had success with such things.

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| Are you talking about combining multiple FPGA chips or having multiple soft cores within a single FPGA chip? Both have been done but I'm really not sure how much benefit you will get from doing this. Certainly no "supercomputer" unless you use a whole bunch of $10k+ versal chips.

Main limitation has to do with microarchitecture, you can't do anything meaningful while staying under pin frequency limits or timing closure. Serdes can go GHz but most standard pins are like <100 MHz

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If you are talking about multi core topology, there's GBs of phd theses on that topic. You'll need to worry about data coherency and various forms of parallelism.. why not just use pre designed multi core architecture?

Alternatively, throw together a cluster with RPi compute modules?

Either way though keep us updated

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