How do you guys use older tec

| What do you choose to re use older tec such as laptops/phones/tablets

| Depends how old it is. For computers : Linux or if it is really old bsd

| >>872348 stupid

| >>872682 dookie head

| Put some lightweight linux distro and use either for emulating games or to try out stuff I wouldn't on my main computer

| Just install Windows XP

| Rub it with holy unguents and sacrifice it to the Omnissiah

| When I get PC upgrades my old hardware goes into my home server, home server goes into mom or other family members PC, anything older than that is probably not very usable and will be recycled

| Laptops are weird in that I've never had one die but I use them until they can't play YouTube videos because they're older than the hill so just recycling

| >>873431 >throwing out working hardware on recycling just because it can't play Google botnet
I suppose you have not ever heard of invidious. Man, now I want to ddos your server nigga. 2pacalypse is now.

| I'm a 3rd worlder, so I use them normally and daily.

| >>873515 I've literally never seen a laptop die so every single one has been recycled

| Both mine and my family closest to dead was one with fucked up speakers and another with a failing hard drive both of witch are easy fixes

| Use it as a player for youtube and music.

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