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| As someone wanting to try Linux but loves her vidya I'm worried I'd be cut off from a few titles or have to emulate them through wine or something which is always that tiny turn off for me.

| Wine is not emulator, that said every Linux gaming platform uses it so if you don't want to use wine...

Well I guess you want the comptability list :

Most games that don't work is because of anticheat, it's been months since anticheat became Linux/Wine compatible but game devs don't update their anticheat.

Steam is easy to use. Heroic launcher for Epic games store games, Lutris for everything else.

| >>870978 just for info, proton is basically a version of wine that doesn't really need setup and is built into steam, developed by valve

| I use a debianoid distro with Steam. Proton makes even officially unsupported (wind exclusive) titles work on my machine.

| it's free, next to everyone finds it better
so if you have the time, install as many distros as you need to figure out what you like.
then once you are at least somewhat fammiliar

you'll probably have to decide between:
- Ditch the stuff that doesn't run
- Fiddle with workarounds
- Virtualize windows games
- Dual boot

(i have never seen anyone actually dual boot for more then two years, it tends to be a stopgap solution most use at the begining)

| It makes no sense to go Wine/Steam on Linux. If you use these, just stay on Windows.

| Here's a nice balanced opinion :


| Unless you're moderately autistic, you might not appreciate all of the troubleshooting involved. It absolutely is not plug and play across the board. Linus and Luke did an excellent breakdown of what modern Linux gaming is like and who it's for.

Final verdict of their multipart series

| I'll add that it will be wayy better if you have an experimented Linux friend to help you out.

Choosing a distro when you don't understand their differences is already a big wall and can lead to bad experiences.

But yes for now only steam is super easy, only half of the anti cheat online games works and you probably use professional software that aren't available on Linux.

But trying a Linux distro on usb is always a good experience and you can judge it by yourself.

| >>871132

Troubleshooting is real, but doesn't occurs that much and depends of your distro, you can just ask help of a friend.

Linus choosed a broken iso for pop os and then switch to manjaro which is not that beginner friendly and have some quirks. He never asked the help of Anthony. But indeed this is common experience

It's true that's not plug and play for everything but for my hardware, bluetooth is way more better, and my keyboard now have zero inputlag compared to windows.

| >>871159
>broken distro
>didn't ask for help
Which is the perfect representation of the average user. Linus represents the 99%.

I'm not saying "Linux is bad and so are you". I'm saying the vast majority of people have neither the time nor the inclination to jump through the hoops required to learn even the bare necessities of Linux. Most folks want the easiest solution with the biggest payoff. Currently, those easy options are consoles and Windows rigs.

| >>871165
most folks don't have the time nor the inclination to lern windows the vast vast majority of ppl ask others whenever they forget how to open their dam email account.
or plugin usb-b so their printer works.
ppl that know how to use computers are in a nieche in general and ppl who play a veriety of PC games are a nieche.

applying that logic selectively means you are saying something at least close to "linux is bad and so are you"

| >>927012
i mean you started you post with

> unless you're autistic don't use linux

and then followed up with

> not saying linux is bad and so are you

| This entire thing boils down to

are you willing to discover, lern and adapt

in order to figure out you're prefered cesspit to swim in

because windows / linux / mac all have horrific issues each diffrent

> most want the easy solution

true and those perticular individuals only use android

because you know bluescreens, TPM BS, making a microsoft account, submitting phone number / personal info, restoring suspended accounts through support, AH. "the easy solution"

| >>871128
skimmed through the video, looks accurate

| >>871127
Well if your main purpose in your life is gaming yes.

But you see not everyone play online competitive game everyday like you.

And a lot of games like Elden Ring perform way better under Linux/wine/proton than on windows. So we'll see how the global Linux gaming performance will evolve in the next years.

| >>871202
I didn't mean the pejorative "autistic" lol. I use Linux too, g/u/rl. I'm saying that Linux is functionally tailor-made for people with weird brains. That's a pretty common take, especially when you think about how quirky Linux systems seem to an outsider.

Really, I don't see anything worth arguing here. No doubt Linux gaming will continue to grow, but it's not there yet for most people. Obviously, I'm using "most" in the context of this thread's title. Love ya, bye bye~

| >>871258
i didn't interpret it as a insult, i can see it in something like arch or simmilar, but not all distros
BTW i use arch linux

i do think LTTs verdict is near meaningless
as distros can be practicly diffrent OS's
for the normie this means someone else picks it for you just like windows

wonder if the term distro is confusing and if calling them diffrent OS's would be better even if unaccurate

500 chr and 1 post should be the limit in most cases i need to remember that

| >>871264
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| >>871265
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| >>871269
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| Watch your tongue or I will install Hannah Montana OS on your computer.

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