Any good skin opinion mods for win10?

| To get winxp or 98 aesthetic back or options to customise more?

Tried classic shell but had a few bugs blocking me from opening some programs and I don't think it's updated anymore.

| I pity the microcock guzzler.

| Have you tried customizer god or ultimate windows tweaker? There's another software called winaero tweaker but I am not sure if it's compatible with win10.

| Consider hopping onto Linux. KDE makes it easier to be WindowsXP again (I mean it's seriously just a few clicks) than Windows 10 does.

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As much as I am a Linux daily driver fag, he did ask specifically for w10.

Kde at this point is not a skin but an entire different desktop environment.

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>straight up different DEs
Fair point. Also I guess Cinnamon would be much more similar to the Win10 DE.

One of my Win10 friends (who uses an XP skin) sent me this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf_Y2aLu4B0

Hope it helps!

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