Most perfect Windows 10 install

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVy4GAtkh7Q

Hey does this old guy sound right to you g/u/rls? I need to clean install and want the best possible start.

If you were forced to daily drive Windows 10, what would you do to make the experience more ideal for you?

| Also
>Disable Superfetch and BITS Service
wtf does this mean?
>Disable Windows Defender Startup Scans
And is this a good idea?

| I found custom installs like this



But I dunno. Feels sketch. Think I'll just manually debloat an official download. Anyone ever use modded Windows before?

| Most perfect Win 10 install:
- Install windows 10
- download, install and execute "Linux Live USB creator"
- Select your favourite GNU/Linux distro and create a Live-USB medium with it.
- boot the GNU/Linux livesystem, and let it wipe your MS DOS 10 installation in favour of a clean GNU/Linux distro install.

| >>871080
Listen here, you cheeky cunt. Nvidia drivers on Linux are too goddamn fucky. There are no buttery smooth workrounds or half decent alternatives for my editing/work apps. Wine and the like are imperfect solutions for all of my needs. And I can't play FFXIV for 30 fucking minutes without it shitting it's flaming faggot rainbow pants. I think Linux is great. But different tools for different jobs.

| >>871130
What are you talking about ff14 works great on Linux.

Well it's true that nvidia driver can have problems when updating but they work fine and are now open source.

But, I mean, the gurl was joking take it easy.

| As for w10 bloat, instead of shutting down it actually hibernates, and softwares like edge and office are all preloaded in your ram.
This and all your software that use their own indivual shitty update tool and also the microsoft spywares and windows defender(it's maybe better to keep it).
Good luck disabling everything manually.

| >>871253
Yeah, I was obviously being a teensy bit tongue-in-cheek... as evidenced by the bombastic tone lol. But myself and many others (more like 2) are having problems with the standalone version. I've tried both Lutris and XIVLauncher to no avail. I absolutely do not have the time to fuck around with it until I can get it working. Hence, I begrudgingly take the easy route.

But this thread is moot now. I've got Windows RELATIVELY clean. Good enough. That's all I need.

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