Femboys using Archlinux

| Is the meme reality ?

| I use Arch on my monster buttplug btw

| >>868129
but do you wear programing socks

| >>8862df
I do!

| Never hear of that meme, but it sounds plausible

| Am femboy do not use Arch

| opensuse is the real way

| i'm a femboy and i used arch for ~6 years. now i'm back on windows to run video games.

| This thread implies that there are BOYS on the internet. Which is total fucking nonsense.

| >>870923 not just boys but femboys they're like only part boy so maybe they are here?

| What is Archlinux

| Archanalbuttbug

| >>871012 buttplug Linux?

| >>871055 should we make this happen?

| >>871388 depends on if you mean make a buttplug inspired Linux distro or making a Linux distro for iot buttplugs

| >>871403 both

| >>871388 sure, why not

| >>871403
>Linux distro for iot buttplugs

| >>871592 In this case I vote yes

| I will SSH into your buttplug

| >>872347 chmod 777 your mom

| >>872352 your mom already gives read, write, and execute permissions to everyone though

| nerdiest fucking insults seen to mankind

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