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Dualboot question

| So some shitass Windows update broke my gaming laptop. Because I'm lazy and too frustrated from trying to fix it, I ordered another m.2 to put in the 2nd slot and plan to install Linux on it. Will the Linux m.2 be able to see and move files from the Windows m.2? I need to recover some things before I wipe it.

| as long as it's not using some wierd new windows encryption i'm not aware of

it will be able to read and write
although it is recommended to transfer the files as there may be edge cases and that way you have more disk space (assuming you re-use the windows drive after transfer)

| You can mount the windows hdd in linux, no problemo.

| Yes you indeed can, the hdd will appear in your file browser,

You can even automount it and put symbolink link to keep your documents/pictures/videos files on it.


| The first time you do anything with the new version about this machine start to make a wireless connection to the galaxy / wired snap select 's hard drives not the same thing as it is a digitizer and returns a big list of ram iteration cases 1,329 to be forewarned: bring a core upgrade for instance it seems to work

| Okay sweet, ty for all the answers. Idk jack about Linux really, so you may see me ask more noob questions soon o7

Uhhh... hey alright

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| Someone found the suggested word list

| Most of the Linux distros uses a live usb for the installation.

You can just boot on the live usb iso and see for yourself in the live environnement (an already functionnal os without any installation).

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This thread is permanently archived