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Homeserver without extra fees

| Is there any way to access my server remotely without having to pay for the static IP address or using a DDNS(I don't fully trust these.)?

| depends on how much effort you wanna put in
you could just auto email yourself the new ip assuming you're fine relying on a email provider.
you could go on wikipedia/darknet
and possibly apropriate one of the protocols
for instance torret trackers could be used for this

| or if you _really really really_ don't wanna depend on anything. you could just keep a list of all the ips your isp owns and query all of them every time

| I don't have a static IP and it's not changed for the past 3 years, it depends on your isp if you actually need to care or not

| You could also roll your own ddns probably using the always free tier of Oracle server but then your trusting Oracle so idk

| you might be able to find something here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternative_DNS_root dunno haven't read

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OP here, thank you for your responses. I should have been more specific because I'm not paying only for the static IP but also for port forwarding. So consider that I also can't forward ports outside.
Have any of you tried out ToxVPN? I think it might work in this case but I can't really test it...

| You have to pay for port forwarding?

| Honestly I've never even thought about that being a thing but reverse proxy over wireguard from a vps to your home network should work?

| Wireguard is a lot easier to do than OpenVPN and you can do just specific ips, just have your home server connect to your vps then have nginx or something reverse proxy things to your home server

| if you don't trust ddns services like no-ip, duckdns and freedns.afraid.org, just use a normal registrar and update records every so often. i have freenom set up with desec.io for nameservers, and use desec's api to update my dns records. namecheap has a ddns client you can use to update as well, for example.

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This thread is permanently archived