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Linux sex tips

| Wazzup its ya boi, here is your first free sex tip:

1. Get bitches

| sudo apt install somebitches lmao

| I want bitches♪♪♪♪
but bitches don't want me♪
Ohhhhh I want want some biiitches~
But bitches don't want meeeeee♪♪♪
*high voice*
Babyy I want some gottdamn bitcheeeees♪
But theeeey doooon't waaaant me~
*wild harmonica*
Woaaah won't somebody please just tell meeeee♪♪
Whyyyy nooo bitches waaaaant meeeeeeee~

| sudo pacman -S bitches fuck sex ilovesex fuckpref; cmatrix

| >>b2c7a8 WARN: somebitches and gnome are in conflict, remove gnome?

| >>865868 y

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This thread is permanently archived