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| I use Arch BTW

| No one asked

| I use Ubuntu btw

| I use NixOS BTW

| I use Windows 10 btw

| >>865455
but did you installed the Windows version of neofetch ?

| >>865466 if it didn't come with the default installation, then no

| >>865469
I must conclude that you aren't a neofetch flexer, witch is kinda sad

| centos ftw

| I use blueflops btw

| >>865470
kinda sus

| Xiaomi's MIUI btw. You all should really give it a shot. So sleek and powerful. I especially love the fast, reliable, and secure applications! And E-Banking has never been more of a breeze! Be sure to link all of your social media accounts too! I love Xiaomi sooo much~ <3

| mint is pretty chill

| >>865511 chinese botnet. Xiaomi is only good with lineage

| >>865511
Why would anyone use a Linux distro maintained by billionere? They're psychopaths by nature ffs.

| ah, fuck. I should probably read trough the entire post before getting my OSS ass triggered ...

| I use SteamOS, btw.

| I use computer

| I use air BTW

| I use Copland OS for hacking and Windose20 for gaming

| Arch is not that hard to use
I use arch btw

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This thread is permanently archived