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Is there some universal method of rooting Android devices?

| Hi. I have a Dell tablet which is stuck to x86 version of 4.4 and I'd like to upgrade it to 5.1 or possibly 6. Is there some way of doing it? If not then is there at least a way to root any phone/tablet with Android that's universal so I can remove bloatware like Facebook and shit?

| You can remove apps through adb however I do not think there is any way of universally rooting an android device.

| Is the bootloader able to be unlocked? Figure that out and dig around xda for more info.

| Short and correct answer: No!

What's your Tablets model name?

| You can install twrp and superSU/magisk from Fastboot mode and adb sideload in twrp, or use magisk app, it can modify your boot.img partition, i use it on my android box
But first, try to find your device on xda or 4pda.to you can find some good guides and lot of software

| >>860083 it's a Dell Venue 7

| >>860037 could you elaborate?

| You can't find how to root yours just by looking on xda? Is that even possible?

| >>860322
This one? https://m.gsmarena.com/dell_venue_7-5751.php

Or this one? https://m.gsmarena.com/dell_venue_7_8_gb-6053.php

This should help; https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/how-to-debloat-adb-the-ultimate-adb-debloating-thread-for-the-s20-u-series.4089089/

I've never used this but it looks neat.

| >>860394 the 1GB version

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