i use arch btw

| it has all the software, yay!

| I use Arch btw

| I use Manjaro btw

| i have no idea what you are talking about btw

| I want to die btw

| having all the software is kindof like a triple zen, a trizen if you will

| I use windows

| i use linux !

| >>859844 Isn't that the shitty Arch distro that holds back all their packages for weeks? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of using an Arch based system? Why not use Endevouros?

| >>859982
??????? There's more to Arch based systems than its rolling release model... Try it for once and see for yourself.


| >>859982
>Doesn't that defeat the purpose of using an Arch based system?
Even thought an important one, the bleeding edge rolling release policy isn't the only distinguishing feature of Arch. The dependency tree policy may differ from derivate to derivate. Also the package manager pacman itself handles stuff technically a bit different in comparison with deb/apt and rpm/yum.
And last but not least there also are different user repositories.

| I don't remember asking.

| Cunt.

| >>860324
I don't remember asking if you remembered asking.

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