Thoughts on Newgrounds?

| Curious about users thoughts on the site. I've been using it since 2 years thus far. I think Its an alright place.

| Dead. It didn't live past 2013 tbh

| >>859391
youtube - has so much content you cannot find anything that interesting unless recommended by a friend or have been subscribed for years
newgrounds - very little content but most of it is entertaining

| >>859392 youtube had newgrounds reuploads lol

| Newgrounds is now just 50% nsfw and art from starving artists that arent confident enough to make a patreon

| >>859411 there's pixiv for that

| the new tumblr as far as I'm concerned after Twitter failed to be a good spot for artists. great search system, lots of art, lots of lewd content.

no fucking hot takes like on twitter. just sweet, sweet content.

| The same as it always been. A nice nostalgic corner of the internet, kept alive almost entirely by Tom Fulp's love, and donations.

| >>859414 you're forced to censor dick and pussy on pixiv and if they don't the art can be reported, removed and eventually the account banned

| >>859480 enlightened take

| No better place for honest art communities to gather and have the freedom to create anything without the annoying eyes of keeping everything pc

| Updates from tom fulp and community centric events are constant, so the place is always lively

| I tried uploading my art there but there is always this looming feeling that it will just die at any moment. At least I'm never short of likes and follows, so it's definitely not dead. Probably. It's actually been a while since I draw porn.

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