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A way that secures any version of Windows since 2000

| >Administrator account for permissions
>User account for your own use
>Different passwords on each
>Require password any time admin permission is needed
That's practically how Linux works too. You can't install anything without admin permission. Thank me later.

| What if you just use Linux? Wine can run basically any windows program as long as it doesn't have anticheat.

| >>858685 Yeah, for real. The only reason I'm not typing this from Linux is because I'm at work, and their legacy software is a total bundle of shitcode that not even wine can manage.

| Whitelist/Blacklist

| I helped my grandpa move his entire business to open source software (libreoffice, ublock origin, Firefox, etc), and the only reason everyone is on a pirated and mostly bloat-free version of windows is because the parts system the company uses literally uses an anticheat windows driver.

| >>858685 Japanese games with app locale struggle or don't work at all. Wine is still lacking behind. For western games and applications, it works good.
Also I need my VST and Debian pretty much doesn't support that.

| >>858796 also Wine works awfully bad on something older than a core 2 duo. It's impossible to game on a Pentium M system through Linux when it worked just fine on Windows 2k or XP. Linux is too bloated for older systems.

| >>858796 you just need to set the LANG variable like so to make Japanese games work properly; something like this from the cli.

LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 wine visualnovel.exe

| >>858884 It still won't do because it cries about shaders being missing. It just works on Windows.

| It's annoying how Linuxers force Wine as the solution to everything. Virtualization is where it's at!

| >>859204
which game

well indd but why would you run shitty microsoft code when you can run almost natively on a based kernel

| >>859278 danmakufu

| Don't use internet, have computer in locked room, access are having only authorized people, having limited user account, problem solved xd

| Gaand maraa

| >>859219 when it's easy to set it up in such a way I can use one gpu for both windows and Linux we'll talk

| OP here. This method is retarded. I just tried formatting my HDD and I had to relog to fucking do it. Shit method, close and dilate thread.

| >>859333
I just tested on stock wine and it just works

| Well as I see it's a danmaku engine, maybe you could be more specific on which version or which game using it is it

| Also I wouldn't recommend debian for gaming as the software and packages versions are at least 2 years old.

To play non-steam/launcher game I use Lutris, there's several game script already, but you can just add one with the exe path and wine prefix path.

It use their wine fork, but you can install wine-ge which is more up to date with the proton content if you desire so.

And you can enter the jp locale system var on the game config.

| As for the few game that don't work even with ja_JP.UTF-8...

It is because of the fact that some old software need the decoders of ja_JP.SJIS aka SHIFT-JIS which is an old japanese locale that isn't base on either utf-8 or ascii.

But honestly I never encountered games needing this.

| >>858618
One problem is that the NT-Kernel from Windows is tied to its GUI, which has known security issues that allow to bypass user permissions.
Another one is that the NT-Kernel from win2k to win7 contains known backdoors that never were fixed for these EOL windows versions. Unlike most GNU/linux distros in windws you cannot upgrade the kernel (and other security relevant core parts of the OS) separated from the rest.

| >>858870
>Linux is too bloated for older systems.
There are a couple of gnu/linux distros that can easily top older windows versions regarding ressource efficency and wine has almost no ressource waste, since it's not an emulater (as the name says) but a compatibility layer. The only problem that could occur on gnu/linux with wine is finding GPU drivers that support 3D hardware acceleration as well as on windows and get them to run.

| For older system there's BSD obviously

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