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So what if they are selling my data

| I don't care what happens to trash once they enter the dumpster

| You are the trash.

| One mans waste is another mans soap

| if you collect a lot of waste, then it's basically money

| Your data alone isnt really that much of an issue. The problem arises when they have the data of all the people of a single county. Then they suddenly have the power too influence general opinion. Imagine if google wanted a candidate to win an election, they could influence search results so that only articles they know would convince you show up.

| That's cyberpunk as fuck

| You don't care about being incinerated in a trash bin?

| the future is now old man

| >>857885 lol, they do, respectively they use data for subjective experience what earn money

| >>857905 this, but they don't care who win, money speaks

| >>857905 honestly who cares, nothing they can do that would 100% guarantee that candidate to win that wouldn't also cause immense backlash and bankrupt them

| >>858146
>honestly who cares

| >>857885 Then you're a moron.

| That data may contain something silly you've said 20 years ago and now it'll be used against you.

| >>858164 Companies on twitter going out to cancel this mf

| wrong... number

| it might now that be much of of an issue if it's one company, but imagine if you're data goes through a network of other companies. How can you know that those companies are "taking your data very seriously" case in point look at one of the articles posted in botnet thread.

| >>858146 >immense backlash and bankrupt them
now thats a cute opinion anon

| >>025690 >bankrupting google

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This thread is permanently archived