Ebook management

| I'm growing a little bit tired of the mess that is calibre. I guess using just directory structure to keep track of my ebooks would be a viable system too. Any recommendations?

| A bookshelf

| >>855905 hard to put theoretical books on a physical shelf

| I just let them pile up lmao

| I just sort my downloads folder by most recent

| >>855928 have you tried hard enough?

| >>855894
Author folder/Book.ebookfileformat
Altervatively do genre folder before author. I don't though.

| You can do it yourself by moving your files manually. That's how I do it, at least.

I usually order my folders starting with Author(e.g., Terry Pratchett), then their written Works or series (e.g., Discworld), and lastly three folders Main story/Side story/Misc

A summer project would be to create your own database to manage your books, which sounds like a fun project to me.

| There is this wonderful software that exist called the Windows file explorer you can use it to manage anything you want on a computer. It works on everything ranging from music to ebooks

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