The Programming Language for Everyone

| Inspired by "The Worst Programming Language" presentation where the worst aspects of all languages are combined, I thought maybe we can come up with a language that everyone can be happy with by listing must-have features.

I'll start:

Generic types

| self modifiying code 2: electric boogaloo

| Code should probably be compiled for release but able to be interpreted for development, and good error messages to plz

| lisp

| >>855265 with less brackets than lisp

| >>4fdb73
lisp with bijective transpiler on the CLI for bracket complainers

| objects that are actually also nodes

| >>855662 and functions

| >>854969 whitespace
Is there place where i can download and read presentation please?

| >>855591
yes, let's replace the parentheses with something that makes more sense:
> ~display "Hello, World!""^
> ~newline^^

| >>856379 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esoteric_programming_language this is also treasure

Or brainfuck xd

| An easy-to-use library for sending and receiving, as well as storing returns from code in other languages.

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