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Virtualization on Linux for games

| I really love Linux Mint, but I hate how Wine ruins my experience with obscure Japanese games that require JP locale. It's fucked up.
I wonder if there's a way to virtualize Windows in a way where I just click on the .exe from Linux and the program runs, no need to boot up the virtual system. Is there a way?
I know it exists on Mac, but how on Linux?

| >No need to boot up the virtual system
That's the part that's not quite right

| You can't run something on windows without windows running

| >>854814 but that's how pararells work on Mac.
You just install Windows on it and configure it, then you can just run .exes from your Mac and it works.

| You can force a locale on wine
You also need some japanese fonts installed

| >>854825 unfortunately it still refuses to work as game cries about some shaders being missing.

| which game are you talking about ?

Until now my japanese gamed needed only the japanese locale, maybe you just lack the Windows fonts.

You can copy them from a windows partition like this :

# mkdir /usr/share/fonts/WindowsFonts
# cp /windows/Windows/Fonts/* /usr/share/fonts/WindowsFonts/
# chmod 644 /usr/share/fonts/WindowsFonts/*

Just adjust your Windows fonts source adress.

| and then regenerate font cache with
# fc-cache --force

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This thread is permanently archived