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Fuck NFTs

| Fuck NFTs and cryptobros. I was ok with cryptocurrency beyond shit-ass miners, but fuck NFTs and everyone partaking in that shit-ass ponzi scheme.

| It's a speculation scheme, the small portion of people who are buying them are doing it so they can sell to someone else at a higher price later

Companies are doing it because they get to sell you basically nothing for a bunch of money

| Going to screenshot this, mint it, and sell it for 100 danger/coin/

| Put me in the screenshot!

| >>826497
People are also buying them because they mistakingly believe it grants them copyright.


| Nft will lose all their value in 6 months at maximum

| The air of greed around NFTs are so intoxicating. Rather go to Chernobyl

| >>826553 true though that's not really an example, they bought a physical book thinking it gave them the copyright as opposed to buying a token that is represented by an image, the second one is more understandable to think you own the image

| XD love how people are like 'Everyone will remember the NFT you'll have in the metaverse.' It's like playing for a PlayStation in one of those claw games

| >>826676 if metaverse is becoming a reality, NFT will actually be a legit way to prove ownership. but in that case I would hang some nice artwork in my virtual house, not some shitty copy paste monkey.

| Unfortunately cringe stuff like nfts always survive (see tiktok). Metaverse is going to do well despite nobody wanting it as well.

After 6 months it's gonna be 21 y/o girls being like "I dunno girls I think I'm gonna by an nft! is that weird?" and all the others are like "omg me too! We are SOOO BAD! HEHE"

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This thread is permanently archived