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Looking for a new phone?

| I’ve had this phone (iPhone 6S Plus lol) for a couple years now and want to get a better phone. Any suggestions? I’m not heavily into the Apple Econ so a non Apple phone might be preferable. Price doesn’t matter, seeking to be more knowledgeable in open source apps and cyber security etc.

| If Android, are you interested in de-googled device? You said open source and security, so maybe a phone that supports custom roms with a privacy/security focus is up your alley.

| >>822235 anything really

| >>822237 Then I very hesitantly recommend a Pixel phone so you can run CalyxOS or GrapheneOS. I say hesitantly because being de-googled will be a pain in the ass for most people. Excellent roms otherwise, even if Graphene is major overkill for the average user. If this isn't your cup of tea, maybe a device that LineageOS supports is better. Way more convenient, and will likely keep your phone updated long after the manufacturer stops pushing updates. Sorry for info dumping ^^;

| If price doesn't matter.


| There's a community for this that might be useful to you. They helped me a ton when I made the switch from Apple.


| This is surprisingly useful information. I had almost no idea all of this existed.

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This thread is permanently archived