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Is FF dying?

| I feel that recent time i meet more with messages that Firefox is unsupported on some websites.. is time to look around about other browser using chromium? And if is, what browsers are best to use? I want things as panel customisation (for access to dev tools, downloads, change of char set, addons etc.), acceptable ram usage (i'm kind of person what can open 5-150 tabs) and community skins.. and it's all probably

what are you using g/u/rls? ^^

| >i meet more with messages that Firefox is unsupported on some websites
What are these websites? Whoever built them are idiots.

| ReCaptcha has been complaining about mine but that's no surprise

| I use Hardened Firefox for personal accounts and Brave for daily browsing.

| >>822214 it is usually websites what are running some scripts.. but yes, i agree
>>822245 i feel unsure what is meaning hardened ff, i'm having standart one.. why are you using FF and Brave?

| >>822249 I use different browsers for different purposes. I like to keep my digital life compartmentalized like that. Easier for me to stay organized too.

If standard Firefox is giving you issues, I would not suggest hardening it. Hardening just means configuring it for maximum security and tracking protection. It's not fun. I use it because I hate myself ;)

I use Brave because it's slick and has nice built-in privacy features. Been using it for three years now and I love it.

| Dung chromium, hdd/ssd killer (or something changed?). Someone said me about Opera GX (announced as for gamers) browser that have directly from box the management tool to restrict browser uses RAM and CPU..

I still use FF, but starting think to move on "surf" from Suckless.org for my dwm, but it needs on configuration (in sources, like all Suckless projects).

| Honestly, using Firefox should be fine for the time being. Websites that force you to use Chrome aren't worth visiting.

| I used to work with Tor exclusively until Proton shitted it up. So I gave up on it, and on firefox too.

| I thought you meant FFXIV

| My friend that working under Fedora said me that FF is fine and never find better till now.

/* but i still search that fast, light, suck less browser */

| I run ff aruora/dev and haven't found a website that breaks specifically because of ff, though umatrix does break things so maybe I just missed it

Imo stick with FF everything else is chrome or a meme

| weird that only two browser exists now. (never heard of safari)

used to use opera when it still had a basketball minigame thing. now it's just another chrome paint job.

| >>823237 shut

| >>1114f0
not your personal blog

| >>823670 there's technically 3, Firefox/Gecko chrome/blink(and V8) and safari/WebKit

WebKit is mostly used in embedded devices like Sony consoles or iOS devices

I believe if you wanted to use it on desktop you can use gnome web or Midori?

| >>823673 it's mine, right~? <3
i think that i will probably still stay on firefox for a while.. but maybe i will look around them.. if i found some interesting i will sure make new thread xd

| From experience FF is okay, but I hate "features" like Pocket. If you want to use FF but do not want to deal with Mozilla's bullshit. Try LibreWolf.

| >>825276 besides pocket (and I assume sync) what else does librewolf change

| idk, the only person i know uses ff its my grandad,lol, and not even always, he also uses chrome smh.

| >>825646 how old is your dad?

| >>825646 wait, nevermind, i have no reading abilities anymore, i'm going to sleep
good night

| If you're using brave for the 'unique privacy features', then you have been mislead. Brave browser copied all that code from uBlock Origin. Also, it's a chrome fork.

Have you ever tried clicking the ublock icon and then clicking the gears button? It has more than just simple adblocking...

| >>826292 I don't think anyone here is saying otherwise?

| >>824704 I was joking about safari, since it's pretty much inaccessible to regular non-apple users. but if you think about it, it's firefox that didn't "exist", because you actually have to choose to use it, so developers also have to choose to support it. as evident by multiple websites that don't work on firefox..

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