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YouTube going blank

| I literally can't find anything about this online.
When I'm on YouTube, in my browser, the videos on the home screen shows up. And that's it.
When I go to another one of the tabs? Completely blank.
Comments on videos? Completely blank.
Recommended videos on the side bar? Completely blank.
Literally everything except for the home screen is completely blank. There's just nothing there.
Has any tech g/u/rl encountered this before?

| And yes, I do have my browser all up to date and stuff. So it's not that.

| Huh weird. What browser do you have? Does the problem persist if you use. a different browser? Does it persist if you use incognito/private mode? Does it persist if you use a different device on the same network?

| Slow internet connection

| >>8b0fdeI feel like this might be the issue if they eventually get to see the page then it's an Internet issue. Otherwise probably just running out of ram...

| >>821830
No. I have really good internet, every other site loads fast, other devices on the same network loads fast as well.

I use Chrome, which, like, that definitely should work well with YT.
Incognito works apparently.
Idk about other devices, since only other alternative is phone app, which, you know, obviously a whole different thing.

Incognito apparently works though, so I doubt it would be RAM, no?

| >>821857 Have you cleared your history/cache? That's probably why incognito is working.

| >>821858
Just did. Still ain't working.

| >>821864 Dunno, strange. Do you have any plugins active? Maybe disable them to see if that makes a difference.

| I'd think plugins might be causing it too, but even incognito mode should still have plugins enabled. Plugin settings?

| I haven't used Chrome in years, but I recall incognito mode only allowing plugins to run if you manually allowed them to. Or maybe I'm remembering Firefox settings. Worth a shot either way.

| >>821867 >>821985 >>821987
I tried disabling the ones that actually apply to YT (an ad blocker and a video blocker) and it didn't do shit. I guess I could try disabling everything when I'm home, but I find it hard to believe that a plugin that doesn't affect YT would do that.

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This thread is permanently archived