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Linux on ancient Macbook Pro?

| Hi. I want to learn more about Linux. Am very noob. I have tried Mint in the past but drivers were fucky. Resources to fix my issues were not easy to follow. Now I try again. What distro you g/u/rls suggest for 2009 Macbook Pro? Thank you reading. :)

| Manjaro XFCE

>After struggling with previous distros, Manjaro was a dream: boot and shutdown times were halved (at least), the boot splash screen displayed properly (rather than just displaying a black/blank screen like so many others), WiFi and video drivers working right out of the box, and there was no screen flickering or taskbar weirdness. In short, Manjaro presented the most polished experience, from start to finish, of the bunch.

| >>821730 This sound very god. I will try it tomorrow. Thanks you buddy.

| Just checking in to see how it's going

| >>822282 Hi friend. I hope it will work soon. The mac hard drive was not healthy so I try to replace to ssd. After I try time machine recovery all will be good. I will post to let you know.

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This thread is permanently archived