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What to look for in a motherboard

| Got my hands on an old xeon x5650 at work some days ago. The guys were just gonna chuck it into the recycling bin, and idk if it should stay there, but I got it because I thought it'd be a good starting point to dip my hands into PC building. Problem is idk what to look for in a motherboard. I know the socket type I'm looking for is LGA 1366, but that's it.

| Motherboards are much all the same.
You want anything that contains the Intel X58 chipset (typically the motherboard has X58 in is name), which is what actually supports the LGA 1366 socket.
Keep in mind yours is a server CPU, so you may be forced to get a pretty expensive board -- unless you score something used, but be careful with those.
Love you lots. Good luck out there.

| https://www.ebay.com/itm/373796692434

This is a good board for any 1366 CPU. That is a server CPU, so you'll need a server board for it! Do you have another CPU for it? You don't NEED both CPUs, but you should have 2 installed on this board imo.

| Oh yeah I just noticed it comes with 2 CPUs, so you can replace one of them with your (better) CPU. The computer should still work just fine.

You'll need 2+ sticks of ddr3 ram of the same mhz speed, 2 cooling units compatible with the lga1366 socket, a sata hard drive, a graphics card, a power supply rated for 700w+, and at least 2 chassis fans.

You'll also need a case with the correct mounts for this board. Do not get a blade case! They're too thin for most graphics cards!

| >>821395 I'll keep an eye out for that. Thanks.

>>821429 I don't see any sata ports on that one. Maybe I'll get an M2 drive and try to use a PCI port for that.

| >>821574 what?! There are a bunch of sata ports on that thing! 6 of them it looks like. You can get a more expensive model with all of them. The small blue ports with the l in them are SATA, and I'm pretty sure they are all sata3.

Keep in mind that this whole setup will use way more electricity than a normal computer.

| >>821588 oh lol I see them now. Image was so grainy I couldn't tell. I'm not actually running a server so 6 ports is more than I need.

| Yes it is! Most computers come with 3-4 ports; more isn't a bad thing.
Sometimes I wish I had more than 3 ports, as they can break off if you put too much pressure in them lol

| Pay a decent amount of attention to whether the MB has a fan on the chipset on the bottom right. If that thing dies, it can overheat and cause severe issues and even a dead board. I bled out to get a board with a massive ceramic sink over the whole board just to avoid having a fan. If I knew how to fix/replace those fans or even where to find spare parts I may have chose differently. I decided to play it safe.

| >>824948 They are cheap and easy to install.

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