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Installing arch linux for the first time

| How to connect to the internet lol

| Oh this is going to be fun!
Use ethernet to set it up initially. Also, do all the setup within the installation environment.

| Install gentoo

| If you can't use Ethernet, use the wiki tutorial for wifi. This is going to be something you hear VERY often. USE THE WIKI. It is literally noobproof if you follow all of the directions exactly.

I'm pretty sure you use iwctl for wireless setup. Note the note, that it won't be installed to your new installation by default. You gotta install and configure it from the CD during the cheroot part!

| Here's the page about wireless setup: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Iwd#iwctl

| YES G/U/RLS! I finally installed this shit with the xfce gui. In fact, if you follow the wiki, the installation is pretty simple. Btw for some reason my network card is not powered, what im trying to fix right now

| Ip link says something like <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP>

| That did you have network in the installer? If so, you can configure the network, and then just copy the config to the system.
You also need to install all the networking packages that you use in the installer... Since nothing is installed by default ????

| You also have to enable all the services manually, and then stuff *should* work... That network card seems to be UP, which means it's online. No-carrier sounds like a modem, not a regular wireless card.

Can you run these 2 commands and post the output:
ls /sys/class/net
iw dev

>Source https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Network_configuration

| You also need systemd-resolved and systemd-networkd as enabled services to connect to the network normally. There are alternatives, but.... No.

| >>821584
ls /sys/class/net:
enp0s25 lo wls1
iw dev:
Interface wls1
ifindex 3
wdev 0x1
addr *mac address*
type managed
txpower 15.00 dBm

| >>821586 they were disabled, but even after enabling nothing happened. (wls1 still NO-CARRIER)

| Does it work when booting with the installer disk? If so, are all the network services installed and enabled?


The wiki is noobproof! Start at the top! Everything can be solved with the arch wiki lol

| >>821201 over browser, newbie
-in case anyone is wondering, i use arch linux

| $ sudo systemctl enable systemd-networkd.service
$ sudo systemctl start systemd-networkd.service

and keep on eye Arch Wiki as above said

| do not forget under "root" install this:
$ pacman -S base-devel
that includes sudo, and uncomment in /etc/sudoers file the row with "wheel(All)" something like. And add your usual user into group wheel by
$ usermod your_username -G wheel

| After continue work under usual user with sudo as administrator

| as boot loader GRUB (actually GRUB 2) is recommended
$ pacman - S grub
See article on Arch Wiki

| xfce? Ha! Try it only with dwm :D

| I am glad that someone else trying Arch ^_^

| Gentoo, do it!

| >>823243 i like idea when everything source-based, but Gentoo is harder for me i think, and i do not much like name and logo of it. I know that is a last thing which be in thoughts, but.. and i want try bsd, especially dragonfly, i do not like even its logo..
Maybe my next destination is ArchBSD.

Sometime i will find time for Slackware (maybe notł) and especially for Netware (if i found a distro of it).

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