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dwm and systray..

| Arch linux. Window manager - dwm. Barmodule patch is used. Saw systray patch. Looking the way to include and duplicate systray to all screens. Is that possible?

| Anything is possible with Linux

| Sure, but may be more specific.. for example, i know that existing systray patch to dwm is relizes system tray functionality and produce one "systray" that follows active screen..

| The problem i predicted may be will with it (systray) behavior, cos if call menu by RMC on some application icon in systray on one screen, what should do other instance on second screen? I expect that should do nothing. But it should described in sources. And must be sure that i can run more instances of systray and associate their behavior for add/remove elements of applications.

| So, may be someone solved it already? If not, i will later in own time if i solves it will try to share solution..

| https://dwm.suckless.org/patches/systray/

It says multi-monitor is supported.
This took a single Google search to find...

| The Google search I used was this:
systray to all screens dwm

| >>821409 on above i just mentioned this patch and there saying that "The tray follows the selected monitor." after all. So pointed problem by me does not resolve by this patch.

| Whoops, wrong link!


| https://dwm.suckless.org/patches/statusallmons/

| >>822045 Hm, i will see it tomorrow, then in for a days will try include it in barmodule patched dwm.
Thank you!

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This thread is permanently archived