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Downloading all images from Pixiv automatically using a tag.

| So let's say I want to download all of Cirno pictures that are there on pixiv, but there are too much for me to do it manually. Is there some script that'll do it for me?

| I don't know of one that pulls from pixiv directly, but can't you use a booru scraper?

| This is such a genius and useful idea OP! I hope a smart g/u/rl appears and help us with an answer!

Personally, I do not download Pixiv images because there're are a lot of them. I just save my favourites in my bookmarks.

But if I could dowload a chunk of them immediately, I would do it! So I could sort my favourites and tresure them in my hard drive!

| >>821006 what is a booru scraper?

| >>821010 For danbooru/gelbooru/r34/etc. I've used imgbrd-grabber in the past.

| Boorus lack way too much stuff and I want a good archive ^^

| >>821027 Depends on the tag really. Plus some artists have non-Pixiv uploads. If you're bent on Pixiv only, try Pix-Ezviewer. The login is a little funky, but I believe it has batch downloads. It's on F-Droid.

I found it and it's called Powerful Pixiv Downloader

| >>821166 THANKS YOU OP.
This is so easy and intuitive to use!
And it also brings some other useful features!
I love you g/u/rl.

| >>821185 YOU'RE WELCOME

| >>821192 Nice taste g/u/rl. Let's enjoy life and the masterful artworks of pixiv artists.

| I am downloading so many pictures of alice touhou right now. I am going to have such a good time

| >>821222 Arisu~

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This thread is permanently archived